Talent Show Rules

Hello all, this is your Talent Show Director/Host here. In the past, we have not had a whole lot of rules in regards to the type of entries allowed, mainly due to the small number of entries but we have gotten bigger so here are some rules, courtesies, and notes:


  • Please ensure your content is PG-13. If they cant say it in Shrek, you can’t say it on stage.
  • Your performance should somehow be related to Fandom culture. Nerdy parodies, idol dances, favourite anime OP’s. All acts however are welcome and encouraged (full skits, singing, dancing, martial arts, poetry, magic, etc).
  • Full acts must be capped at 5 minutes. Exceptions may be made if given enough notice to accommodate.
    if you have any concerns regarding your act, you may email myself at nyocana@gmail.com or on Facebook (Angel Fitzner).
  • You must give us your music. You can email it to me, a usb key, or submit through submission form: Click Here.
    The files have to be transferred to a laptop that is connected to our sound system.
  • Auditions are limited to two (2) minutes long to ensure that everyone may get a chance to try out.
  • During auditions, please be courteous to your fellow contestants.  Please refrain from talking and causing disruptions while someone is performing.


  • If you are singing, please memorize your lyrics, if you are dancing, please memorize your choreography, if you are improvising… well improvise!
  • Please do not talk back to/argue with the judges. I try to find judges with performing experience and credentials (people working towards their degrees in music, people who have participated in competitions and have, themselves, stood in front of judge panels etc) so please,do not talk back to the judges.


  • Our audition facilities are limited. We can provide microphones and speakers. We cannot provide an amplifier, props, or any musical instruments.
  • An audience is allowed at the auditions!

For more information, please contact nyocana@gmail.com.

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