The Cosplay Repair Station is a dedicated area within a convention where attendees can fix their costumes, free of charge. We offer a variety of supplies divided into 4 different stations: sewing, wigs, glue, and general. Our apron-wearing staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and happy to assist in whatever way they can. We emphasize quick, safe fixes to get attendees back into the convention as quickly as possible without having to return to the Repair Station for further repairs later on. We use glues with short dry and cure times, offer a variety of adhesives intended for use on skin, and higher quality safety pins that won’t bend or pop open. Our greatest strength is our staff. All staff are knowledgeable in the use of a sewing machine and then receive further training in each of the aforementioned areas, as well as basic customer service and safety

Cosplay Repair Station will be open at Tsukino-Con for the following times:
Friday: 2PM-6PM
Saturday: 11AM-6PM
Sunday: 11AM-4PM