Hitomi Harama works as a Kimono and Japanese cultural specialist based in Victoria, BC,
Canada. She is passionate about preserving traditional Japanese customs, traditions, and
craftsmanship as well as Kimono culture, and has been presenting talks and lectures
about Kimono and Japanese culture since 2009. She has curated Kimono exhibitions to
show the beauty of traditional Kimono culture and craftsmanship through the scope of
Kimono (“Kimono: Japanese Culture in its Art Form” at Art Gallery of Greater Victoria,
2014 and “Kimono Culture” at Nikkei National Museum, 2017). She promoted Japanese
traditional performing arts and music, together with the Japanese Consulate General of
Japan in Vancouver. She helped with Japanese cultural aspects for the “Madame
Butterfly” at Pacific Opera Victoria (2015) and worked as a Japanese cultural consultant
for film productions, such as “The Man in the High Castle: Season 2 (Amazon Studio) in
2016 and 2017. For the last couple of years she has been helping student trips of
Canadian school organizations, visiting Japan and learning about Japanese culture.
Hitomi is continuing to work on connecting two cultures, Canadian and Japanese, and
enriching the experience of Japanese culture for people who are interested in learning
about Japan.

For the Tsukino-Con convention, Hitomi has been presenting several talks, such as
Kimono and Japanese culture or Manga and Japanese culture, etc. This year, Hitomi will
talk about Japanese Manga History, and Japanese Manga that influenced our fashion.
She looks forward to meeting with you at Tsukino-Con convention in 2020.

Some of her online references:
Victoria Art Gallery (https://archive.aggv.ca/kimono)
–its Video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uW3ajX9HeWU)
Nikkei Museum (http://centre.nikkeiplace.org/kimono-culture)
Performing Arts promotion (http://britishcolumbia.com/consulate-general-of-japan-
Hitomi’s website (http://www.umesilkkimono.com)
Hitomi’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/HitomiHaramaUmeSilkKimono/)


1) Japanese Manga History: Japanese manga culture has a root in the historical
drawings and been evolved a lot after the late 1940s. We will discuss how Japanese
Mangas trend has been since then, and also look at Japanese-ism we find in manga that
are introduced in Western culture. Feedback or questions from the audience will be
incorporated in the discussion (90min)

2) Manga, Film and Japanese Clothing: Japanese style clothings have been influential to
Western culture through manga and film. As looking at Cos-play fashion and other
fashion influenced by Japanese manga or film, we will discuss Japanese influence in
clothing (60min)