Tsukino-Con would like to welcome back the heroes of cosplay, helping convention attendees with their cosplay woes and emergencies one stitch, patch and glue gun at a time, we are grateful to have them back for another year. We are happy to have back Cosplay Repair Station!
Not sure who or what Cosplay Repair Station is? Here are few words from them.
We are the Cosplay Repair Station—a Washington State based costume repair group who love to make the cosplay community just a little better for everyone. We know how stressful it is to have a cosplay malfunction or something break at the wrong time during a con, so we are here to help! We travel to cons across the Pacific Northwest with our trained volunteer staff to help with sewing, wig, prop, glue, and general cosplay repairs! From helping with ripped seams to knotted Miku wigs to broken Mercy halos, we’re there to help. We also enjoy hosting panels on cosplaying and costuming techniques—keep an eye out for panels by our staff. Our goal is to not only make repairs accessible (and free!) at conventions, but also educate and create a space where everyone is having a great time cosplaying! If you need a quick repair or need some advice, swing by the Cosplay Repair Station, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for the latest updates as well as plenty of tips and tricks! We hope to help make your con experience even better!
Instagram @CosplayRepairStation
Twitter @CosplayRepair