Cosplay Contest 2020 Rules


Thank you for your interest in the Cosplay Contest for Tsukino-Con 2020. Please read the following rules prior to completing the Online Submission Form.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the event organizer at maryjaneellenbrown at

Please note that there will be NO EXCEPTIONS to the rules below, so PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY.

    1. The Cosplay Contest for Tsukino-Con 2020 will occur on Saturday, February 22nd in BWC B150 at UVic.
    2. Due to the high expected audience turnout for the Cosplay Contest, contestant seating will unfortunately not be available during the Live Event. Contestants will have the opportunity to watch high quality footage of the Cosplay Contest on Tsukino-Con’s YouTube Channel shortly after Tsukino-Con 2020.
    3. Contest submissions will only be accepted via the Online Submission Form prior to the submission deadline. Any entries submitted after the deadline, including in-person submissions, WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
    4. Contestants registered for pre-judging MUST be present and checked in by 1:00PM on Saturday, February 22nd in BWC B150. All other contestants MUST be present and checked in by 1:30PM on Saturday, February 22nd in BWC B150. Any contestants who are not present and checked in by their designated times will have their entries forfeited and will not be permitted to perform in the Contest.
  • Sign-Up
    1. All entries for the Cosplay Contest are to be submitted via the Online Submission Form, which will be open for submissions below on Wednesday, January 1st at 12:01AM PST.
    2. Only one submission is required per entry, regardless of whether you are submitting as an individual, or on behalf of a group.
    3. There is a limit of one entry per contestant.  No contestant is permitted to submit or be a member of more than one entry for this event.
    4. Entries must be submitted by Friday, February 7th at 11:59PM PST. LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • Submission Cap, Running Order, and Wait-List
    1. The event runtime will be capped at 90 minutes.
    2. There will NOT be a wait-list for this year’s event.An announcement will be made if the runtime cap is reached.
    3. Running order will not be based on submission order, but instead determined by the event organizers to maximize efficiency. The running order will be provided to contestants when they check in for Orientation on Saturday. Personal requests for running order placement will not be accepted.
    4. In order to ensure that the event adheres to its scheduled timeframe, we ask that performances not exceed 5 minutes in length and walk-ons not exceed 1 minute in length.
  • Modification of Online Submissions
    1. If you need to modify your entry after it has been submitted (e.g. incorrect audio files, update information, change to number of people in group, etc.), you may use the “Edit Response” link provided in your Confirmation Email. You DO NOT need to submit a new entry.
    2. We will NOT accept requests for manual modification of entries via email.You MUST modify your entry via the “Edit Response” link provided in your Confirmation Email.
    3. Adding new members or replacing former members of a group in an entry with new members will require modifying the entry with the updated information.
    4. If any individual member of a group submission withdraws from the Cosplay Contest or is absent at the time of the event, this will not affect the group’s entry.
    5. Contestants suspected of parking may have their initial entries voided without notice at the discretion of the event organizers. “Parking” is when an individual or group knowingly submits an incorrect or incomplete entry for the sole purpose of reserving their position in the Submission Queue.
    6. It is the contestant’s responsibility to ensure that all information on the Online Submission Form is correct and complete prior to submission.
    7. It is the contestant’s responsibility to review and modify their submitted entries for any potential errors as necessary.
    8. All modified entries will be finalized once the modification deadline has passed.
    9. Contestants may withdraw their entries at any time, including after the submission deadline has passed.
  • Saturday Orientation and Open Stage and Live Event
    1. We strongly encourage contestants to make use of the limited Open Stage time available during the Saturday Orientation in order to familiarize themselves with the stage’s layout and practice their performances prior to the Live Event.
    2. Contestants are expected to be in attendance for the Orientation and Live Event on Saturday, February 22nd from 1:30PM to 5:00PM with the exception of washroom breaks. Washrooms are located around the right-hand corner down the hall across from the Lobby entrance to B150 in the Bob Wright Centre. Once contestants who have opted for pre-judging have been pre-judged, they are free to leave and must return by no later than 2:00PM. Contestants who have not opted for pre-judging are free to leave after pre-judging begins and must return by no later than 2:00PM.
    3. Contestants who are not present during attendance at the beginning of the Orientation will be disqualified without notice.
  • Coat-Check Fee Waiving
    1. Cosplay Contest contestants will have the Coat Check fee waived for any items deposited at coat-check between 12:00PM and 2:30PM on Saturday, February 22nd.
    2. Coat Check will be located in the Elliott building in the right-hand auditorium.
    3. Please provide Coat Check with the name/cosplay name/group name that you entered in your Online Submission Form to be eligible to have the Coat Check fee waived.
  • Storage of Personal Belongings
    1. Due to space restrictions, we will not be able to facilitate storage of personal belongings within the Main Stage venue.
    2. For this reason, and to ensure the security of your belongings, we ask that you please make use of the free Coat Check opportunity mentioned above.
    3. Exceptions will be made for essential medical items and water bottles. Please keep them on your person until your stage act, placing them behind the lectern before you take the stage. Please retrieve these items once you leave the stage.
  • Categories and Awards
    1. Only contestants competing for Craftsmanship awards will be eligible to enter as Walk-Ons. Non-Craftsmanship contestants will be limited to Performances/Skits only.
    2. Contestants will be divided into two categories: Novice and Advanced. The following criteria are recommendations for what would qualify an individual or group for either the Novice or Advanced categories:
      1. Novice
        • This is your first time entering a Cosplay/Costume Contest.
        • You have not received an award previously at a Cosplay/Costume Contest.
        • Most of the members of your group satisfy the above criteria.
      2. Advanced
        • You have received at least one award from a previous Cosplay/Costume Contest.
        • You self-identify as a professional costume fabricator or performer.
        • Most of the members of your group satisfy the above criteria.
  • The above criteria are recommendations only- contestants may enter in the category of their choosing but may be reclassified between categories at the discretion of the judges.If you have any concerns regarding which category to enter in, please contact maryjaneellenbrown at
  1. Awards for the Cosplay Contest will be as follows:
    • Novice (3 awards)
      • Best Costume
      • Best Performance
      • Best in Show
    • Advanced (3 awards)
      • Best Costume
      • Best Performance
      • Best in Show
    • There will also be four Judges’ Choice awards presented to outstanding contestants in addition to the primary awards mentioned above (10 awards total).
    • Awards will be announced at the Live Event after the running order has completed, following a brief period of deliberation by the judges. In order to make the event more time-efficient, contestants who win awards will be asked to remain on-stage after being called up until after the event has formally concluded.
    • Awards will be printed off after the Live Event and will be available for pickup at the Registration Desk from 8:00PM onwards.
    • Any awards not picked up by 4:00PM on Sunday, February 23rd will be given to Lost and Found for claiming. We will not be able to mail out awards.
  • Awards – Craftsmanship and Performance
    1. Craftsmanship
      1. Contestants who wish to be considered for a Craftsmanship or Best in Show award must attend pre-judging in order to be eligible.
      2. The awards for craftsmanship will be determined through pre-judging, which will take place on Saturday, February 22nd at 1:00PM in BWC B150. Pre-judging gives contestants the opportunity to talk one-on-one with a panel of judges about the construction process of bringing their costume to life. In order to be eligible for a craftsmanship award (Best Costume or Best in Show), contestants must have made at least 50% of their costume themselves.
  • During pre-judging, contestants should be prepared to discuss why they chose the character for their costume, what materials and techniques were used, any research that went into fabrication, and what sort of challenges they faced while making the costume. Judges will also use this time to inspect details of the costume up-close (Are seams finished? Are parts of the costume lined? Is the armour tidy on the inside? Etc…) Contestants are also encouraged to present any additional reference images or sketches of their sources during the pre-judging period.
  1. Contestants who wish to be pre-judged for craftsmanship and are part of a group have the option of being pre-judged independently from the rest of the group and each at their own individual skill level. The entire group is not required to be pre-judged if only a portion of the group’s members wish to do so.
  2. Only contestants who are competing for a Craftsmanship award and attending pre-judging will be permitted to enter as a Walk-On.
  1. Performance/Skit
    1. In addition to the option of being judged for craftsmanship, contestants also have the option of putting on a performance. Performances are a fun way of presenting your character in greater depth and with more creativity than a walk-on would allow, and can be done by either individuals or groups. Performances can range anywhere from musical acts, comedy sketches, dance numbers, scene re-enactments, etc. The best performances provide contestants with an opportunity to demonstrate their dedication to their character beyond what can be presented through costume alone.
    2. During performance judging, judges will be observing the contestants’ ability to portray their character, as well as their ability to captivate and entertain the audience. Contestants should take into consideration their microphone skills, overall stage presence, effective use of the stage, and how well their actions communicate to the audience what their character is all about. Please note that contestants who choose to do a Walk-On will not be eligible for a Performance award and must apply for a Craftsmanship award and complete a Pre-Judging session. Contestants who choose to do a Walk-On without applying for a Craftsmanship award do not provide the judges with any criteria to be judged upon, and their entries are therefore considered invalid.
  • Group Performances/Skits can only be judged under a single skill level regardless of the skill levels of individual members of the group.
  1. Individual Performances/Skits also competing in Craftsmanship will be judged under the same skill level selected at the beginning of the Online Submission Form for both portions of their entry.
  • Audio Files
    1. All entries requiring audio files for their stage acts must upload their audio files using the link provided in Online Submission Form.
    2. Contestants may upload their audio files at the time of form submission, or any time before Friday, February 7th at 11:59PM PST using the upload link provided in the Online Submission Form.
    3. Only MP3-format audio files will be accepted.
    4. Links to YouTube/Streaming sites will not be accepted.
    5. In-person audio submissions will not be accepted.
    6. Only the in-house audio equipment may be used for playback of audio files and may only be operated by the convention’s designated A/V Attendants. This does not include audio-based stage props (i.e. a boombox or electronic instrument used as part of a stage act.) Connecting any other devices to the in-house audio equipment (i.e. cellphones, iPods, etc.) is not permitted.
    7. Any modification or editing of any audio files is the sole responsibility of the contestant and must be completed prior to submission. We will not be able to edit or rip an audio file for you.
    8. A “Cue Notes” field will be provided in the Online Submission Form below the “Link to Audio File” field should you require the audio to begin during a specific time or point in your performance, and/or a specific time marker within the file itself. (E.g. “Start the track when I clap my hands.”)
  • Props
    1. All props used or displayed during the Cosplay Contest must comply with Tsukino-Con’s Weapons & Props Policy.
    2. Contestants are responsible for providing all necessary props for their performances.
    3. Live flames/liquids/glitter/substances/aerosols that may cause harm to people and/or equipment in the venue, or trigger an evacuation of the building, will not be permitted.
    4. No props/objects/food/etc. may be thrown into the audience at any point.
    5. Pets and other animals are not permitted except for animals permitted by law to be on university grounds and in university buildings, such as Guide Dogs and Service Dogs as defined in the Guide Dog and Service Dog Act.
  • Language and Content
    1. No foul language.
    2. No sexually explicit or adult content.
    3. No nudity
      1. Bare pectorals are permitted whereas bare breasts are not.
    4. No offensive/abusive/discriminatory language. We want this event to be fun and enjoyable for ALL attendees!
      1. If you are unsure whether something you are planning to incorporate into your act is permissable, please contact maryjaneellenbrown at
    5. No language or content that may cause your performance or walk-on to exceed a PG-13 rating.

Failure to comply with any of the above rules may lead to immediate termination of your performance or walk-on, disqualification from the Cosplay Contest, and potentially being stripped of your badge and banned from convention grounds, depending on the severity of the infraction.

Please note that the contents of this page are subject to change without notice. Please check back periodically in order to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date information.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the event organizer at maryjaneellenbrown at

Submissions for the Tsukino-Con 2020 Cosplay Contest are now closed.

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