Panelist Rules and Guidelines

Deadline and Approval

  • The deadline for panel submissions and modifications is Friday, January 11th at 11:59PM PDT.
  • No panel submissions or modifications will be accepted after this date.
  • Panel approval confirmations and draft schedules will be sent out to panelists between January 11th  18th. 
  • Panelist Pass confirmations and the final digital schedule (via Sched) will be sent out to panelists between January 21st  31st.
  • Panel submission does not guarantee panel approval.

Priority Content

  • Preference will be given to panels focusing on the promotion of Japanese animation, entertainment, and culture.
  • In-character Q&A panels (e.g. “Ask a ______ character” panels) will be given a lower priority in terms of approval and scheduling.
  • In the event that two separate panelists or panelist groups submit the same panel, the earlier submission will take precedence.

Minimum Age

  • There is no minimum age for running a panel at Tsukino-Con, with the exception of 18+ panels, though the Programming Coordinator may request a brief interview to learn more about your experience.
  • For 18+ panels, anyone involved with or attending an 18+ panel must be 18 or older at the time of the convention, and all persons entering the room must present valid government-issued photo ID at the door.

Panelist Badge Pickup

  • Only 2 panelists per panel will be eligible for a Panelist Pass under normal circumstances.
    • Exceptions may be made for large-scale productions only (see section).
  • Panelists who provide less than 1 hour 50 minutes of content will be eligible to purchase a Panelist Pass for 50% off the at-door price of a 3-Day Pass (UVic: Free, Student/Youth: $15.00, Adult: $17.50, CAD).
  • Panelists who provide 1 hour 50 minutes or more of total content will be eligible for a Panelist Pass free of charge.
  • Panelists will pick up and/or pay for their Panelist Passes from the Tsukino-Con Info Booth. The Info Booth will be located in [Location TBD]. Only cash payments will be accepted at the Info Booth.
  • Panelist Pass confirmations will be sent out between January 21st – 31st via Eventbrite.
  • Panelists must present Government-issued photo ID when picking up and/or paying for their Panelist Passes at the Info Booth.
  • For check-in purposes, each panelist must pick up their own Panelist Pass. One panelist cannot pick up multiple passes for a group.

Panel Rating

  • Panel ratings are used to advise attendees of the nature of the content to expect in your panel. These are advisory guidelines rather than hard restrictions, with the exception of 18+ panels.
  • Content noted within the 18+ rating below is not permitted outside of an 18+ panel. Discussion or presentation of 18+ content outside of an 18+ panel may result in the termination of a panel in progress.
  • It is the responsibility of the panelists to ensure that the content of their panel is appropriate for their panel rating.
  • Panel ratings may be adjusted by the Panel Coordinator based on content. Panelists will be informed of this change in their approval confirmation email if necessary.
G Safe for all audiences, no profanity, no sexually suggestive themes, light slapstick humour.
PG-13 Infrequent mild profanity (no F-bombs), light allusion to suggestive themes, fantasy violence.
16+ Moderate use of mild profanity (no F-bombs), light raunchy humour, tasteful discussion of sexually suggestive themes, more realistic but non-graphic depictions of animated or CGI violence (e.g. Street Fighter).
18+ Moderate to frequent use of general profanity (may include F-bombs), animated sexually explicit content (Hentai), raunchy humor, sexually explicit themes, more realistic and potentially graphic depictions of animated or CGI violence (e.g. Mortal Kombat).

Prohibited Content

  • In-person or live-action nudity/pornography with the exception of bare pectorals.
  • In-person or live-action depictions of graphic violence.
  • Animated depictions of minors or perceived minors nude, partially nude, and/or engaging in sexual activity (e.g. Loli/Shota/Boku no Pico) as per Canadian law.
  • Any content or material deemed in contravention of or promoting the contravention of federal or provincial laws.
  • Alcohol or illicit substances.
  • Pets and other animals except for animals permitted by law to be on university grounds and in university buildings, such as Guide Dogs and Service Dogs as defined in the Guide Dog and Service Dog Act.
  • Presentations involving the above prohibited content will result in the termination of a panel in progress.


  • Panelists must:
    • Show up at least 10 minutes before the start of their panel for setup.
    • Provide their own devices, such as laptops, for playback of audio/visual content. (e.g. bringing only a USB flash drive with a PowerPoint slideshow on it is not acceptable.)
    • Adhere to all Tsukino-Con rules and policies, including the Weapons and Props Policy.
    • End their panel 10 minutes prior to the end time indicated in the schedule in order to allow time for the next panelist to set up.
    • Ask any minors in their 18+ panel to leave, if encountered. Panelists may contact a staff member for assistance, such as if the minors refuse to leave.
  • Panelists must NOT:
    • Make any discriminatory remarks against anyone, scripted or not, based on their race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.
    • Mark or apply tape to any surfaces in the panel room during their panel.
    • Provide any food or beverages to attendees at any point during their panel.
    • Sell goods or services during their panel. Bartering or “Swap Meet”-type panels are permitted, but money is not allowed to change hands.
    • Attempt to resolve any issues with the house A/V systems by themselves. Panelists must contact Cable Snakes Dispatch in the center of the main lobby to request A/V assistance.

A/V Assistance

  • An A/V Attendant from the Cable Snakes A/V Team will be on-site during panel setup to assist panelists with connecting to the house A/V systems.
  • Cable Snakes Dispatch will be located in the center of the main lobby in the event that any further A/V assistance is required.
  • In the case of larger events or events in the Main Auditorium, an A/V Attendant may be present in the room for the full duration of the panel.
  • Please be prepared to connect to HDMI or VGA video connectors, and 3.5mm audio connectors. We ask that you please provide your own adapters if necessary as on-hand adapter supplies are limited.

We recommend:

Internet and Wi-Fi

  • Wi-Fi this year is currently limited to UVic students, and students of other affiliated universities, with some limited guest access available.
  • For more information on accessing Wi-Fi at UVic, click here.
  • Hotspot tethering via cellphone may be unreliable as cellular reception within the ECS building can be hit-or-miss.
  • Panelists should be prepared to present all material while offline, such as downloading any necessary YouTube videos beforehand for later playback.

Large-Scale Productions

  • If you would like special assistance with any large-scale productions such as game shows or concert performances that require elaborate setup, please reach out via email to the Programming Coordinator, who will work with you to provide any additional information or assistance as necessary.
  • To inquire about Panelist Pass eligibility for additional panelists involved with your production, please email the Programming Coordinator and provide the following info: Panel name, panelist first and last name, panelist role, and justification for eligibility. The Programming Coordinator will contact you to let you know if your request has been approved.

Contests and Prizes

  • Panelists are welcome to host contest-type panels at Tsukino-Con.
  • Contests must not require any financial or material contribution in order to enter.
  • Panelists may request prize vouchers for their contests or provide their own prizes.
    • Prize vouchers are only available for panels marked as a contest and are subject to availability. The Programming Coordinator will contact panelists to verify all requests for prize vouchers.
    • Panelists must not provide food or beverages as prizes.
    • Panelists may provide monetary prizes such as cash, coupons, and/or gift certificates.
    • Panelists may provide material prizes so long as they are in compliance with Tsukino-Con’s Weapons and Props Policy.

“No-Show” Policy

  • Panelists who are unable to run their panels due to extenuating circumstances must inform the Programming Coordinator via email as soon as possible.
  • Panelists who fail to show up for their panel without informing the Programming Coordinator may have any subsequent panels cancelled and may be banned from running panels at future Tsukino-Con events.
  • Panelists who are not present for their panel within 15 minutes after that panel’s scheduled start time will be considered a “No-Show” and that panel will be cancelled. Any subsequent panels may also be cancelled as a result.
  • The “No-Show” Policy applies to the Lead and Secondary Panelists individually (e.g. the Secondary Panelist will not be penalized if the Lead Panelist fails to show without notice, or vice versa, so long as the panel can still be successfully run).

Modification of Panel Submissions

  • If you need to modify your panel submission after it has been submitted (i.e. incorrect information, change to runtime or availability, additional equipment, etc.), you may use the “Edit Response” link provided in your Confirmation Email. You DO NOT need to re-submit your panel.
  • We will NOT accept requests for manual modification of panel submissions via email. You MUST modify your submission via the “Edit Response” link provided in your Google Forms Confirmation Email.
  • Replacing the Lead or Secondary Panelist will require modifying your panel submission with the correct information. This will ensure that the correct person is eligible for a Panelist Pass.

Please note that the Tsukino-Con 2019 Panelist Rules and Guidelines are subject to change without notice. Please check back periodically to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Programming Coordinator at

Panel submissions for Tsukino-Con 2019 have now closed.

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