Hitomi Harama works as a Kimono and Japanese culture specialist based in Victoria, BC, Canada. She is passionate about preserving good old Japanese customs, traditions, and craftsmanship as well as Kimono culture, and has been working on educating people about traditional Japanese culture. One of the major focuses of her work is curating Kimono exhibitions to show the beauty of old traditional Japanese cultural matters and craftsmanship through the scope of Kimono (“Kimono: Japanese Culture in its Art Form” at The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, 2014 and “Kimono Culture” at The Nikkei National Museum, 2017). Aside of being a Kimono specialist, she also works as a Japanese culture specialist. She promoted Japanese traditional performing arts and music, together with the Japanese Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver. She helped the Japanese cultural protocol aspects for the “Madame Butterfly” at Pacific Opera Victoria (2015) and worked as a Japanese culture consultant for the film production, The Man in the High Castle: Season 2 (Amazon Studio) in 2016 and 2017. Hitomi also presents lectures about kimono and Japanese culture for various institutions.

She was born and raised in Japan surrounded by traditional Japanese cultures. Her family operates a traditional Kimono business and her maternal parental family has been maintaining their Buddhist temple for over 100 years, keeping the traditional Japanese life-style and customs. She moved to Canada for her graduate studies at The University of Victoria, and immigrated to Canada when she was a PhD student. Having lived in Canada over 20 years, she has been noticing various cultural differences between Japan and North America, and all her personal experiences gave inspiration and insight to her curating work and public presentations.

Hitomi is looking forward to meeting with you at Tsukino-Con in 2019.