ANYA PANDA (IG@the_anyapanda): Anya is a local cosplayer, YouTuber, and diehard cartoon fanatic. For nearly a decade, she has used cosplay as a way of expressing her lifelong passion for fictional media, with Tsukino-Con being one of the primary conventions which she attends each year. In addition to going to conventions, Anya also runs a YouTube channel which she uses as an outlet for sharing her love of cosplay and nerd culture. There, she posts weekly videos, the subjects of which range from stories about her experiences as a cosplayer, to vlogs covering her time at conventions, to tutorial and review videos. Since her start as a regular YouTuber back in 2017, Anya’s videos have garnered over 2.2 million views, with her channel even being featured in YouTube Canada’s Creator on the Rise spotlight for July 2018. Having practically grown up going to Tsukino-Con, she is thrilled to be coming back this year as an official guest and looks forward to everything Tsukino-Con 2019 has to offer!