2019 AMV Contest Rules

***Please note that the submission deadline has been extended to Sunday, February 10th, 2019 at 11:59PM PST.***

Hello, hello!  It’s that time of year again, the time of year to submit AMVS, GMVS, PMVS, and MEPS to your lovely people down at Tsukino-Con’s 2019 AMV contest! Please read through the rules and submit your AMV/PMV/GMV/MEP submissions as follows!

Note: We have some new rules about PMV’S as well as MEPS so make sure you read them since they’ve been added, unlike our previous years.

Thank you in advance!


✦ Please submit your video via some sort of file sharing program. Our recommendation is Dropbox.
✦ Two (2) entries may be accepted per individual or group, to a maximum of one (1) per category.
✦ Videos must not have premiered publically (online, other cons, etc) prior to December 31, 2017, or have been shown in a previous Tsukino-Con AMV Contest.
✦ No bumpers or credits. MP4 less than 500MB is preferred. No technical defects.


The Tsukino-Con AMV Contest is one of Tsukino-Con’s largest events, airing for about 2-3 hours at the con. The event is a showcase of fan-made music videos submitted directly by creators both local and from all over the world where you, the audience, get to vote on your favorites. The contest is open to anyone—amateurs, professionals, and everyone in between.

The deadline for submissions is: Sunday, February 10th, 2019 at 11:59PM PST.


Videos will be sorted into five categories:
1. Drama
2. Action
3. Fun/Upbeat
4. Romance/Sentimental
5. Comedy
6. Best of B.C.

Please note that these categories may be subject to adjustments depending on videos submitted.

Before you submit a video to the Tsukino-Con AMV Contest, please make sure it complies with our video requirements:

✦ Videos must not have premiered publically (online, other cons, etc) prior to December 31, 2017, or have been shown in a previous Tsukino-Con AMV Contest.
✦ Videos must be PG-13 and suitable for a con audience. Any songs with excessive swearing or anime footage with explicit nudity/violence/inappropriate themes will not be accepted.

✦ All MEPS must have every creator credited who participated in the video.

✦ All art in AMVS, PMVS, etc, must not be slideshowed but have technical aspects within them in full screen format.

✦ Videos must be between one (1) and six (6) minutes in length.
✦ Two (2) entries may be accepted per individual or group, to a maximum of one (1) per category. Submitting as part of a group counts as a submission for each individual.
✦ Videos must be 80% Japanese anime/manga or game footage.
✦ No credits, bumpers or trailers.
✦ No subtitles, watermarks, text, etc, though exceptions may be made if they are added by the creator as part of the video.
✦ All videos must be submitted by the original creator. Any submissions found to be in violation of this will not be accepted and you will be disqualified from participating in future contests.
✦ All AMVs, and etc, must meet the technical requirements below.

We will accept a variety of formats but recommend the following. If for whatever reason we’re not able to work with the format you’ve submitted, we’ll contact you as soon as possible so that you can re-submit. If you can’t re-submit within 48 hours of the deadline your submission will be disqualified.

☀ No low-resolution entries. 1280×720 or greater is suggested.
☀ No audio or video quality defects (interlacing, blurring, distortion, low sample rate, etc).
☀ Suggested container is MP4.
☀ Maximum file size of 500MB.


Best of B.C. is a new category, exclusive to local AMV makers based in British Columbia. This category was created with the intent to help foster growth within our local community to create the next wave of AMV makers. This is an open category accepting all of the previously listed categories above. As a B.C. creator, you can choose to submit your video for its consideration in another category in addition to Best of B.C.. However, if your video is deemed a finalist, it will only be a finalist in one of the available categories, as deemed by the judges.  Not all B.C. videos are guaranteed entrance to the final contest, especially if technical requirements aren’t met, however, all B.C. videos will be shown during the exhibition at some point in the convention. All AMV’s must meet these requirements for submission:

✦ Made by a resident living in British Columbia, Canada.
✦ Only creators that have not won a major prize (Best in Category, Best in Show, Technical Awards) at another convention are eligible.
✦ Must meet the technical and the general requirements listed above.

Judging for the AMV contest will consist of a panel of a minimum of three (3) to five (5) Tsukino-Con staff members. Of these members, the AMV Contest Coordinator must be in attendance. All categories must have a minimum of five (5) entries, no more than seven (7) entries will be permitted in a single category.

In the interest of fairness for all competitors, staff members are ineligible to submit videos for the contest. Should staff members wish to submit videos, it will only be granted exhibition status, to be played on the Tsukino-Con AMV Showcase.

AMVs that win contest awards will progress to the AMV Smackdown. Winning videos will compete head to head against winners in previous years to determine which winner is the current best in its respective categories. After audience voting, the winner of the head to head battle is crowned smackdown champion and will represent its winning category in Tsukino-Con’s AMV Smackdown 2020

By submitting an entry, contestants agree that they have read, understood & will comply by these rules. Contestants grant Tsukino-Con and the coordinators permission to use, copy, share and exhibit your entry in future showcases, exhibitions, and other events. We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time. Submitting to the contest does not guarantee inclusion as a finalist or inclusion in the contest even if all guidelines and requirements are met.

For any questions, please contact amv@tsukinocon.com.

Once you have read the rules above, please proceed to the AMV Contest Submission Form.

We recommend completing the form using a desktop or laptop computer and not a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.


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