The Cosplay Repair Station is excited to be back for our third year at TsukinoCon! We have hundreds of supplies and highly trained staff to help with all your cosplay repair needs. And don’t forget to check out our panels! Guest Page (banner is attached) In 2010, a group of concerned cosplayers joined forces with talented costumers and created the Cosplay Repair Station. Since then we have been running repair stations at various conventions across the Pacific Northwest. We pride ourselves on having talented and dedicated volunteer staff under a strong management team. We have a variety of tools and supplies for all your needs, including wig, sewing, and glue, all free to use. We specialize in quick fixes to get costumes back to looking their best without attendees having to miss out on convention events. To promote general cosplay knowledge, we also run cosplay-themed panels with a focus on sound construction to prevent needing repairs.